Lake Albarrancho

by Noemi Huanca and A. Bennett Hennessey

Lake Albarrancho has become another city lake option in Cochabamba with the recent water plant overgrowth in Lake Alalay . It is south of the city of>Cochabamba at 2560 m above sea level (19K 0794637 UTM 8069862).  The lake is kept up with runoff from the water treatment plant of SEMAPA. The lake is in agricultural area. Though the area has not been studied well for birds, rumours have it that local birdwatchers spend their time at this lake now, having moved from Lake Alalay. With the larger areas of clear water we expect to find many of the Andean aquatic bird species known for Lake Alalay. Keep an eye out for Chilean Flamingos, and old favorite of Lake Alalay.

Logistics: You can visit the area in a 30 minute Taxi trip from the centre of Coch bamb a city for around 20 bs. You must ask for the Lago Albarrancho en el area de Zofraco. In vehicle, take Avenida Panamericana south, until you reach a wall that says Zofraco 7 km from the city centre. Keep with this road- the road travels along the edge of the Cochabamba airbase. Their will be road signs indicating the Zofraco. Follow the three signs to the Zofraco area. When arriving, to enter the Zofraco don't enter the area, as the lake is infront and should be clearly visible.

You can also take a local bus, costing 1.5 bolivianos. Look for trufi (small van) number 14 to Sur de Cochabamba which will take you to Avenida Heroinas to La calle Lanza and to the Zona San Antonia. The trip is about one hour until you arrive at the Zofraco- Saturday and Wednesday it will take much longer as those are market days in the area.