9 February 2022

Bird Bolivia- the only tourism agency in Bolivia that does not take a commission when we visit conservation reserves (Sadiri, Barba Azul, Red-fronted Macaw). Write to us for custom tours.  

We are Open
No, we did not go bust for the last two years with almost no visitors to Bolivia. Yes, we are going to start to sell tours for 2022. Right, I mean, it's over right? Right? The crazy part is that no one has dared to visit Bolivia for the last two years, and now there is this tsunami wave of interest to come this year. If you really want to come to Bolivia in 2022, I suggest you contact us quickly. Our guides and drivers are being booked as I write.  Things have changed, hotels have close, trails are not clean- so be patient as we try to figure out what we can still do and potential tour prices.                    

New Bolivian species- Inti Tanager 
Bennett just went to confirm the route and potential to see this species. It lives in the Palkachupa Cotinga range around the town of Apolo- but only in the rainy season. And there are no flights to Apolo. But the trip can be really fun as a camping along the road trip, waking up in some amazing places: Middle and lower Yungas Cloud forest, Dry forest, Andean Cerrado and highland scrub areas. The best time to visit would be late Nov. and early Dec. for a 7 days Apolo trip.       

Birds of Bolivia Guide book 
English copies are available on line- check Armonia's webpage and Spanish copies are available in Bolivia.       

Macaw Tour
We ran the first ever Macaw An ground agent tour assit we did here. Paul B. Jones and Jodie van Dieen returned to Bolivia in 2013 for their second trip with Bird Bolivia, this time visiting more of high altitude sites. You can see Paul B. Jones' amazing photos on flicker, and results from their 2011 trip (photos and trip report).

And keep those custom tour requests coming. Though we provide many planned tours, we enjoy customizing a tour to exactly what you would like to see. You can send us your potential bird list for Bolivia and we can work out the perfect tour.