17 January 2017
White-winged NightjarTour prices and dates have been updated- we are already booked for four months. Please write to us if you have interest in a tour. We can help with specific visits to Bolivia's nature lodges such as Sadiri Lodge, Barba Azul Nature Reserve and the Red-fronted Macaw Reserve. Nature Lodges (May 8-19, June 24 to Augu 4, Sept 1-14). Macaw tours start in June, with the Parrot lovers trip June, and the birdwatchers Macaw trip July. Photography trip will be in June. We are planning on running the Hardcore 31 day trip for November.

Macaw Tour
We ran the first ever Macaw tour in the world in June 2014 which was a big success. Eight parrot lovers saw 28 parrot species in 14 days, including 8 Macaws, 14 Parakeets and 6 Amazon Parrots. We will run one for Parrot lovers and the other for Birdwatchers- you decide where you want to go. The Parrot Lovers trip will put more of an emphasis on long periods watching parrots, and more time specifically searching for parrots. The birders Macaw Tour will see the macaws and parrots, but also spend more time on the bird diversity of an area, working to make sure you see the rare little brown jobs as well.

Recent Trips
You can read about our 35 day tour with Chris, Helena and birdgirl in June 2012 at this blog. An ground agent tour assit we did here. Paul B. Jones and Jodie van Dieen returned to Bolivia in 2013 for their second trip with Bird Bolivia, this time visiting more of high altitude sites. You can see Paul B. Jones' amazing photos on flicker, and results from their 2011 trip (photos and trip report).

And keep those custom tour requests coming. Though we provide many planned tours, we enjoy customizing a tour to exactly what you would like to see.