Wattled Curassow Lodge

by A. Bennett Hennessey

The vulnerable of extinction Wattled Curassow has undergone a drastic decline in the last 50 years. Presently the species is only known for a few sites in South America. In Bolivia, there remains only one site which protects a small population of the species. Asociacion Armonia is attempting to protect this area by working with the local indigenous communities. One aspect of this program is to create a tourism infrastruture in the area. The program has provided the community of San Marcos- the doorway to the Wattled Curassow- with a radio and boat, and this year will be creating a simple lodge, and platform camping at the Wattled Curassow site.

Logistics: This year the Armonia Wattled Curassow conservation program will create a tourism infrastructure for the area, includng a simple lodge, food and guide training. The area is not ready to receive tourists that expect a fully developed program. But as the program is attempting to help the community of San Marcos, if you are prepared to rough it- you can attempt to visit the site. A visit to the area would requiere a five hour boat trip from Rurrenabaque down the Beni River to San Marcos. From San Marcos there is a trail which would take a good 7 hour hike to Rio Negro. This trail travels through tropical lowland, and varzea forest. Given that tourism infrastructure is not ready yet, we recommend you contact birdbolivia@birdbolivia.com to visit the area.